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Michelle Zurowick

Senior Design Researcher

Sundberg Ferar, MDC Communication Manager


For the past 20 years Michelle has sought to understand the consumer by measuring behavior quantitatively, exploring thoughts and feelings qualitatively and observing them within their own environment.


Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, Michelle brings value to the research process by leveraging years of experience that enable her to develop studies that lead to actionable results.


Prior to joining Sundberg Ferar, Michelle co-founded Crossbow Research Inc., a research-consulting firm, in 2002.  For 12 years, Crossbow served clients in a wide range of diverse industries.


She is an accomplished interviewer, leading small groups and in-depth interviews across several platforms: traditional on-site setting, virtual interviewing, telephone, and field interviewing, including in home as well as job site/retail environments.

Prior to founding Crossbow Research she spent 5 years with a top 50 U.S. market research firm where she served as Senior Project Manager for the Retail and Financial Services practice and two additional years in the research industry managing field operations.


She received a B.A. in Marketing from Michigan State University.