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Jeff DeBoer

Vice President, Principal

Sundberg Ferar, MDC Chairman - Lead Facilitator / Media Contact


Jeff joined Sundberg-Ferar in 1985 and became Vice President and a Principal in 1992. Jeff’s primary focus is developing innovation strategies for clients using Sundberg-Ferar’s Genesis™ process, which Jeff created to ensure that companies are strategically and tactically poised to create and develop winning products. To support this process, he and his team have developed numerous research methods to analyze consumer, design, industry and technology trends. This analysis is used to identify breakthrough product solutions and create innovation roadmaps to guide future development efforts. To communicate design and technology strategies and motivate corporate organizations, Jeff regularly leads executive workshops aimed at challenging “status quo” design, and identifying pathways to invigorate sales and gain market share. Jeff has consulted across numerous categories in the U. S., Canada, Europe and Mexico, including home products, automotive, major appliances, house-wares, and system furniture to name a few.


Genesis case studies in the automotive realm include; In-Vehicle Entertainment Strategy, Lighting Redefinition, User Interface Innovation, Comfort Redefinition, Interior Flexibility Innovation, Visual Display Strategy, SUV / CUV Feature Strategy, Occupant Ideal Experience Innovation, Safety Strategy,  Eco-Interior Strategy, and others.

His work in the consumer product realm is typified by his tenure leading Whirlpool Europe’s Appliance Design Center, overseeing Pan-European research, innovation, development of multiple product platforms, and facilitating collaboration between corporate and regional marketing groups.


Jeff’s interest in media and communication has led him to research and identify a link between human cognitive abilities, and media technology, that he believes will drive the creation of innovative products. He presented his theory at the Style-Vision Mega-Trend conference in Nice, France to creative thought leaders from various industries.

Jeff holds numerous mechanical and design patents, and is a graduate of the University of Michigan.